Hi, I'm Alessandro Cifani

Full-stack Developer

Open Source Projects

⚗️ Flask-SQLA2Api

python flask rest library

Flask middleware that automagically generates REST APIs given a SQLAlchemy model.

⚽ soccer-go

typescript nodejs cli soccer

CLI app for staying updated with your favourite european soccer league. Teams, players, results and more.

🕹️ ItalyGames Play

python flask website

Flask website with Reddit login for finding your perfect gaming buddy.

🔬 runtime_typecheck

python typecheck library

Python library that will typecheck values at runtime, based on native type hints.

More projects available on my GitHub profile.

About Me

Hi, I'm Alessandro, an italian developer and lifelong learner currently living in Milan. I help people interact with complex data. When I am not building awesome stuff at Reviso, I like to read, pet my beautiful cat and give back to the open source community. Want to talk? I’d love to hear from you.

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